Police cars and emergency vehicles

Why I am taking police cars pictures?

Well, I always been very interested by the world of transportation. I guess that it all started somewhere during my childhood when I was watching cops movies and TV shows like CHiPs, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Blues Brothers, Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball or Moving Violations. I developped this interest more deeply and this is some sort of tribute to these valuable members of our communities.

What I like and dislike about these cars?

Mostly, I like to explore the models and designs varieties and their history. I like to find out where they call home according to their roster numbers, but I have no specific interest to the license plate numbers or manufacturer's serial (VIN) numbers or that type of sensible information. Also, I avoid to have any member of the forces (without permission) taken on anyone of my pictures. If it happens, I will always blur their face to let them anonymous.

Why I post my pictures online?

That's a relativerly unusual hobby and I believe in freedom of information. You see the cars passing on your street, on an accident scene or in the newspaper pictures when investigating a crime scene. So, instead of keeping them in a dusty and private photo album for myself, I prefer storing them online and to share them with anyone interested by this topic...like you right now! Actually, you're visiting my photo albums or my archives from your own computer, but I would NOT post anything being a risk for an operation and/or its implicated people and/or national security. Everything you see here, you could see it on the street, if you're present at the right time and the right location.

Is it legal to watch and take pictures of these cars?

The cars are rolling on the streets and they're owned by the governement (us, in theory). So, it is public domain matters and there's nothing in the laws against that. Some agents do not like it or don't understand it, but we're supposed to be in a free country.






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