Area code 807 - Northwestern Ontario

Dryden, Ontario, Canada (Dryden Municipal Telephone)

(Dryden Municipal Telephone, 25¢ per local call)

A&W Restaurant, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):

Greyhound bus station - (housephone located on the platform):

Husky Truck Stop (gas station & restaurant):
807-223-0106 807-223-0158

Ignace, Ontario, Canada (Bell Canada)

Esso gas station:
807-934-6261 (Credit card millenium) 807-934-8497 (Credit card millenium)

Kenora, Ontario, Canada (KMTS)

(Kenora Municipal Telephone System (KMTS), 25¢ per local call)

Greyhound bus station:
807-468-9915 (Old look Centurion) 807-468-9916 (Old look Centurion)

McDonald's restaurant, East-End Highway 17A:
807-468-9948 (Old look Centurion)

Marathon, Ontario, Canada (Bell Canada)

Greyhound Bus Stop / Can-Op gas station, 90 Peninsula Rd.:
807-229-9086 (Credit Card Millennium phone)

Nipigon, Ontario, Canada (Bell Canada)

Husky (Truck Stop) Gas Station, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):
807-887-0482 (Credit Card Millennium payphone) 807-887-2157 (Credit Card Millennium payphone) 807-887-2158 (Credit Card Millennium payphone)
807-887-2159 (Credit Card Millennium payphone)

Husky House (Truck Stop) Restaurant, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):
There's 20 Desktop Millennium payphones in the restaurant (One per table). Their numbers seem to be all in 807-887-2256, 807-887-2257, etc... number serie.

Schreiber, Ontario, Canada (Bell Canada)

Pizza Hut Restaurant:

Twin Spot Restaurant (Ex-Petro-Canada gas station):

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (Thunder Bay Telephone)

(Thunder Bay Telephone, 25¢ per local call)

Centerfold's, Memorial Dr.:

Greyhound Bus Depot, 815 Ft William Rd.:
807-343-9431 807-343-9432 807-343-9460

"Husky Lakeside" gas station, Hodder St.:
807-343-9605 (centurion)

Intercity Shopping Centre:
807-623-8931 (Sears entrance) 807-623-8963 (Sears entrance) 807-623-8205 (near Lewiscraft)
807-623-8215 (near Lewiscraft) 807-623-9802 (Main entrance) 807-623-9851 (Main entrance)
807-623-6704 (stairways) 807-623-9838 (near Great Canadian Bagel shop) 807-623-9937 (near Great Canadian Bagel shop)

Robin's Donuts, Fort William Rd.:

Terry Fox Memorial, Highway 17:

Travelodge Hotel, Memorial Dr.:
807-345-4291 807-345-4307

Upsala, Ontario, Canada (Bell Canada)

Can-Op Gas Station, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):

Shell Gas Station, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):
807-986-9211 (credit card millenium phone, located outside) 807-986-9213 (credit card millenium phone, located inside)

White River, Ontario, Canada (Bell Canada)

A&W Restaurant / Gas Station, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):
807-822-2059 (Credit Card Millennium phone) 807-822-9909 (Credit Card Millennium phone) 807-822-9918 (Credit Card Millennium phone)
807-822-9923 (Credit Card Millennium phone)

Husky gas station, Highway 17 (Trans-Canada):



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